Welcome to the 2017 TYR JAX50 

April 21-23, 2017

The Event 

It is more than a dash for cash.  It is a chance for ordinary swimmers from eight years-old and up to compete at the same meet, in the same event, with ten of the top swimmers in the sport, every one of them racing for the chance to swim in one of the two empty lanes against Olympians, national and NCAA champions, American and world record holders in swimming's premier test of speed - The 50 freestyle.

But this event is more than just a chance to race an Olympian. It is an opportunity to help many underprivileged families benefit from life-saving swimming instruction. All Net Proceeds from this one weekend event will fund a drowning prevention program for children int he Jacksonville Metro Area. 

Women's Champions

2010 - Kara Lynn Joyce (USA)

2011 - Lara Jackson (USA)


2012 - Sarah Sykes (BSS-FL)


2013 - Arianna V. Wallace (BAH)


2014 - Madison Kennedy (USA)


2015 - Arianna V. Wallace (BAH)


2016 - Lauren Dunn (BSS-FL)

Our 2017 Sponsors

2010 - George Bovell (TRI)

2011 - Adam Brown (GBR)

2012 - Carlos V. Isschot (BSS-FL)

2013 - George Bovell (TRI)

2014 - Josh Schneider (USA)

2015 - Josh Schneider (USA)

2016 - Eric McGinnis (TP-FL) 


Helping the

Planet Swim Foundation

So far the Planet Swim Foundation has provided:


  • Over $15,000.00 in Grants to teach underprivileged children how to be water safe in the Washington, DC and Jacksonville Metro area.

  • Close to 5,000 Free Swim Lessons given since 2011.