The JAX 50 Sprint Dual Challenge returns to the Uible pool at the The Bolles School in Jacksonville, FL for what will be another great event. With the same format as the JAX 50 2011, we will once again bring a dozen of the world's best swimmers to the Uible Pool to compete in just one event: the 50 yard freestyle. They will also host a clinic the day after the competition that swimmers will be able to sign up for.

So why are these pro swimmers coming to Jacksonville? The primary reasons is so that they can help Planet Swim Foundation's project to potentially save lives in the Jacksonville metro area by teaching swimming to local underprivileged children who wouldn't otherwise receive instruction in life saving water safety skills.

Starting April 19th, 2012, The Bolles Sharks Swim club will host a two-day qualifying meet with most of the Olympic distances, where the top 2 female and male athletes competing in the 50m freestyle will earn a spot in the main event on the evening on April 20th. In the main event, 8 female and 8 male swimmers will race the 50 Freestyle in a round-robin kind of format. Six swimmers of each gender are being selected from among the top sprinters in the world. The 2 other athletes from each gender will be local swimmers coming from the qualifying meet. On Sunday, April 17th, Planet Swim Foundation and The Bolles Sharks Swim Team will host an Olympic Experience Clinic where the children participating in the meet will have the opportunity to learn from their idols in and out of the water.

Timed Finals Entry Fee:

Individual events: $3.00 per event

Facility Charge: $7.50 per swimmer

Deck Entry: Deck entries will be accepted to fill heats only. No new heats will be created. Each deck entry will cost $10.00. All deck entries must be accepted by the Administrative Referee 30 minutes prior to the start of the meet. A swimmer may not drop an event to deck enter another event, and the entry limit of 3 events per day remains.

Entry Deadline:

All entries must be submitted by Friday, April 8, 2011.

Enclose checks and make payable to The Bolles School Sharks.


Top 2 overall times in the 50m Freestyle from the Timed Finals session from each gender will earn a spot into the final round. Finals will swim in brackets with 2 swimmers per heat. Brackets will be randomly sorted. There will be 3 rounds of 4 heats for each gender.

Timed Finals Scoring:

Individual points will be earned for an 8 lane pool: 9-7-6-5-4-3-2-1


High point Trophies will be awarded for the top 3 swimmers in every age group. Money prize will be awarded to the Top 8 swimmers who qualify into the 50 freestyle finals. (Amateur athletes may not accept prize money.)