The JAX 50 2010 was a huge success in getting the swimming community to help one of their own,former Nigerian swimmer and Bolles graduate Seun Adebiyi, whose fight against two rare forms of cancer had inspired many people around the country. Seun, who missed the 2004 Olympics by a tenth of a second, was in desperate need of a bone marrow transplant to survive. The JAX 50 2010 was not only a swim meet where people had the chance to watch, race and learn from a few of the best swimmers in the world including Olympic medalists Ryan Lochte, Cullen Jones, Matt Grevers, George Bovell, Kara Lynn Joyce, Christine Magnuson, Amanda Weir among others, but also served as a venue for registering people as potential bone marrow donors.

With unwavering support The JAX 50 2010 was able to sign up 66 people as potential bone marrow donors and raised $2,400 to go towards bone marrow donor tests. That represents fantastic success considering that an event such as this had never before been attempted. An even bigger success, however, was the audience we reached beyond the hundreds of spectators, athletes, and volunteers who directly took part in the events first edition.

Every major media outlet on the First Coast covered the JAX 50 2010. That represents incredible interest in the event especially when one takes into account that it took place on the same weekend that Tiger Woods returned to golf at the Masters, both the University of Florida and Florida State University were holding their inter-squad football games, and the Springing in the Blues festival was being held in Jacksonville Beach. The fact that the JAX 50 2010 received multiple days of coverage by NBC, ABS, CBS, FOX, Channel 4 News, and the Florida Times-Union on a weekend demanding so much of a news organizations resources speaks to the uniqueness of the event, the spirit of its underlying cause, and the commitment of those who bonded together to make the 1st JAX 50 so spectacular.

Coverage even extended beyond the local media market. ESPN 360 sent a crew out to film the JAX 50 and the racing was broadcast live on Swimming World Magazines website, which alone reached over 100,000 viewers and 120,000 hits on the events website. All of this coverage combined means that the potential audience exposure of the 1st JAX 50 Sprint Dual Challenge reached into the millions! That is a rarity for an inaugural event such as this and speaks to the fantastic future we can look forward to as more people will want to take part in it.

The most important thing to come out of the 1st JAX 50, though, was the knowledge that people are willing to bond together to help those in need. Seun Adebiyis personal struggle with cancer served as a call to arms in the swimming community, our local community, and beyond. For the 2nd Annual JAX 50 we hope to be able to provide an even better experience to those involved and raise enough money to fund a year-round drowning prevention program in the local community.

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 WHAT A WEEKEND OF EXCITEMENT!! It all started with beginning of the two day meet on Friday night. We had many fast swims which culminated with the JAX50 Dinner with the Stars at the Marriott of Jacksonville. The dinner was a chance for the people to mingle with the Stars and get to know them on a one on one basis.


Saturday morning was the final session of the swim meet which only included 50's of each stroke. The two top swimmers for the men and women in the 50 free were to advance to the JAX50 Main event that evening. On the men's side, Pavel Babeav (Swim Florida) and Joe Pascale (Curl-Burke) advanced to the finals with swift times of 23.16 and 23.96. On the women's side, Natalia Favoreto (ECU) and Kaitlyn Dressel (YFFC) both advanced through the prelimanary rounds with times of 26.97 and 27.30.


The JAX50 main event was a great success with many fast swims with many meet records broken. To find out the the results and video coverage please see Swimming World's coverage.




Finally the weekend was capped off with a 4 hour Clinic with the Stars. The Clinic included a Q and A session and a technique based instruction. It was a great way for the swimmers to learn from the best swimmers in the business.


A Special Thanks to all the swimmer, coaches, parents, volunteers, and sponsors who helped make this event a total success. We would also like to thank all the Swimming Stars who came to Jacksonville to make this weekend memorable. We could not have done this without all the support!!!!



Men's Winner: Adam Brown (AUBURN) - 19.16 (Ties Meet Record with George Bovell)


Women's Winner: Lara Jackson (ARIZONA) - 21.89 (JAX50 Record)

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The 2012 JAX 50 was different than the previous two events, since we did not bring any Profesional swimmers to the competition.  As it was an Olympic year, the fastest swimmers in the world were focusing on trying to make the Olympic Team for their countries.

Nevertheless the 2012 Jax50 Edition was a great succes and showed us a new format that makes the event more exciting for everyone. We focused on having the top eight swimmers of each age group in the 50 Free swimming at night like the Pros did the previous two editions.  The format was the same, Bracket Style, and the young swimmers had a blast.

Eventhough we did not have our Olympians attend the Event and give a Clinic, during the 2012 Edition we hosted an IKKOS Clinic that was agreat success and introduced the Ikkos Training System to our community.

Jax50 2010

Jax50 2011

Jax50 2012

Jax50 History

Olympic Medallists that have raced in the Jax50 and participated in the Clinic since 2010:
USA - Ryan Lochte, Matt Grevers, Nick Thoman, Cullen Jones, Amanda Weir, Jessica Hardy, Kara Lynn Joyce and Christine Magnusson
Trinidad &Tobago - George Bovell
Brazil - Thiago Pereira
France - Fred Bousquets
Olympic Swimmers that have raced in the Jax50 and participated in the Clinic since 2010:
​Bahamas - Arianna Vanderpool-Wallace,
​Venezuela - Arlene Semeco
Great Britain: Adam Brown
Brazil - Nicolas Nilo
​International Swimmers that have raced in the Jax50 and participated in the Clinic since 2010​
USA - Josh Schneider, Nick Brunelli, Sabir Muhamed, Lara Jackson, Andrea Georoff and Caitlin Geary.
Ireland - Barry Murphy
1st  $2,500.00
2nd $1,500.00
3rd  $750.00
4th  $250.00​

The 2013 TYR JAX50 raised with the Sunday Clinic:

This money was divided equally between the eight Post-Grads and Professional Swimmers that took part in the Sunday Clinic to help them with their training expenses.

The Professional swimmers raced to win the following Prize Money :

The 2013 TYR JAX50 raised with the event a total of:

For the Planet Swim Foundation. This money will be used to provide free lesson programs to underprivileged children in the Jacksonville area to help the kids be water safe.

Check regularly the Foundation's site for news and updates about the 2013 Lesson Program.

Planet Swim Foundation


The 2013 TYR Jax50 has been the most successful edition yet thanks to the Sponsors, Pro Swimmers, Clubs attending (almost 400 swimmers), Volunteers and all the individual donations to the Foundation.


TYR Jax50 2013


You can watch the 2013 races at Florida Swim Network 

TYR Jax50